Macrogol-EL V Macrogol-only

Comparison of macrogol* with electrolytes (Macrogol-EL) vs macrogol without electrolytes (Macrogol-only).

A clinical study comparing a macrogol product without electrolytes with a macrogol product with electrolytes found that there was no difference in terms of efficacy and side effects.1

Importantly, there were no clinically significant differences in plasma electrolyte levels. However, 85% of patients in the group taking the macrogol product without electrolytes were willing to continue treatment after 4 weeks, compared to 63% in the group taking the macrogol product with electrolytes.


Both Products Equally Effective - Mean Weekly Stool Frequencies


Y Axis = Average number of stools per week, X Axis = Time


More Patients Willing To Continue Treatment After 4 Weeks With Macrogol-Only Laxative†


Y Axis = % of patients, X Axis = Time

No clinically significant difference in plasma electrolyte levels. "When desired, switching … can be done in elderly individuals without compromising efficacy.”


1. Seinala L et aL Comparison of Polyethylene Glycol with and without Electrolytes in the Treatment of Constipation in Elderly Institutionalised Patients. Durgs Aging 2009 : 26(8):703-713.

*This study was done with macrogol 4000 which is a similar product to macrogol 3350.

†Trend only not statistically different.

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