Constipation In Children

A controlled double blind randomised study, which compared the efficacy, tolerability, acceptance and compliance of a Macrogol-only laxative to Macrogol-EL (with electrolytes) in the treatment of constipation in children, found that "Macrogol-only Laxative may be superior to the Macrogol-EL formulation in terms of ... ease of administration." 1


Children may Prefer The Taste Of Macrogol-Only Formulation*

Y Axis = Number of children, X Axis = Taste


Macrogol-Only Formulation Is Easier To Administer*

Y Axis = Number of children, X Axis = Difficulty with treatment administration


43% of children rated the taste of Macrogol-only formulation as good/very good compared to only 2% in the group taking Macrogol–EL.1

The study also found that there was no difficulty with administration of Macrogol-only formulation (96% of children), compared to 52% children taking Macrogol-EL laxative.



1. Savino et L BMC Pediatrics 2012.12:178

*Study was done with macrogol 4000 which is a similar product to macrogol 3350

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.